A downloadable game for Windows

WASD/Left Analog - Movement

Spacebar/A button - jump
Escape/Start - Pause menu

You play as a lonely ghost trying to make friends. You possess humans by jumping on their heads, and you can steer them into inadvisable situations. You only have 30 seconds of possession ecto-juice, represented by the bar at the top of the screen. The ghost cannot interact with the environment or hazards, so you have to possess humans to do things like open gates.

Humans that see death get scared and run away (potentially into hazards). When humans are scared, they move twice as fast, which allows you to cover more ground.


Music by Long Trinh

Co-writer and co-designer Jordan Stephens

Everything else Nicholas Decker


Ghost Town_OLD_JamVersion.zip 136 MB
GhostTown_POSTJAM_v.061.zip 120 MB

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