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Metal Mouth is a shoot'em'up where you don't shoot guns; you eat them. Using your magnet tongue, you rip the guns off of enemy ships when you get close enough. The fearsome belches produced by feasting on these fully loaded weapons clear bullets.


"It's kinda cool...it's a little bit rudimentary..." Mark Brown, 2018

"You gotta use tactical burping." Also Mark Brown, Also 2018

How to Play:

Gnorff is hungry. Use his magnet tongue to rip the tasty magnetic guns off of nearby ships and swallow them whole. Consuming the power sources from these guns gives Gnorff bad gas. Expelling it will cause all nearby bullets to explode.

When Gnorff is running low on health, he can suck up green, magnetic-mineral-rich asteroids for a pick me up.


WASD/Arrows          -Movement
Spacebar/Enter        -Burp
R                                        -Restart
Escape/Q                     -Main Menu

Linux Build (untested. if you can test it, please let me know if it works)

Game made in UE4. All models made in Blender and sprites made in Photoshop. Some textures were made in Substance Painter. Music made in Music Maker using instrument loops. All sounds made with my mouth and heavy editing in Audacity.

Made by Nicholas Decker (https://twitter.com/splitharegames).


MetalMouth.zip 117 MB


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needs to start with burps and make the burps stun enemies for a bit, but I like the idea